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Greenwich Concert Video and Reviews

As the Zero Gravity Band return from Greenwich Early Music Festival – in several cases with more recorders than they went with (pre-christmas baroque shopping opportunities are rare, and to be seized) they can reflect on a lovely evening of entertainment, enjoyed by everyone who managed to find a space in the sold-out hall to see it.

…thank you for a wonderful concert. It is always a regret that the EMS team rarely get time to see and hear the concerts but the positive feedback and buzz following your concert on Saturday was overwhelming.

…The best concert I’ve been to in years. The Rodisetta was exquisite.

…Congratulations on a fantastic concert at Greenwich last night. Zero Gravity were on excellent form and all the soloists were just superb… I left feeling very entertained, very humbled by the virtuosity on display and very inspired. I certainly hope to get to more Zero Gravity concerts in future.

While we’re blowing our own trumpet (it makes a change from recorders) We received a lovely review as well…
Greenwich Nov 2015 review